We offer a full technical production and Pre-planning is essential to secure the necessary approvals – you need a plan.

Like the process of assessing risks associated with the event, the formation of an Event Management Plan is based on logical sense and pre planning.

We can assist in developing the following:

Your definition of the aims and objectives for your event

The structure of your event management team

A list of the component parts of your event

Traffic Management planning

Evacuation plan and procedures

Waste Management planning

Site Plans

Obtaining engineering sign off for design & inspection

We can identify and address threats that may occur at your event. We will help you develop processes that comply with EU OSHA legislation and, in the event an emergency, ensure you understand you obligations such as the provisions of medical facilities, rescue procedures and liaising with external agencies.With our background in producing and managing events we are extremely capable in assisting at all levels of your event management planning.

By working with you and your team, we will identify what your needs. Let us pave the way – we’ll walk the course for you and ensure all aspects of your event run smoothly !