Rigging Services provided include:

*Provide venue rigger to oversee all lifting equipment the Build and De-rig of the event.

*Provision of CAD drawing, checklist and sign-off sheets to the venue rigger.

*Determination of rigging bridles location to spread load when required.

*Approval of loads to be hung within the venue.

*CAD drawing for the event rigging overlaid onto the venue roof drawing.

*Load check against structural requirements.

*Event Rescue related to work at height.

*We offer a Rescue System development.

CrewGang Rigging have the experience to work with venues and provide a service to match exactly what they require. We understand the importance of providing a friendly, approachable, professional service. CrewGang riggers strive to not only ensure the rigging is carried out as planned, but also to assist the visiting production achieve what they require.

Work is always carried out safely according to CrewGang Rigging safe and practicable system of work. The necessary paperwork and monitoring is carried out to ensure safety, taking the liability away from the client.
All production riggers must know about and follow the CrewGang Rigging Health and Safety Policy, Work at Height Regulations for every job carried out, CrewGang Rigging supply a job specific health and safety file detailing how the work will be carried out. The primary aim of CrewGang Rigging is always to provide the best safe service. Our experienced and trained employees are among the best in the industry.

We also make, high specific works with any degree of complexity. We clarify, explore, evaluate the Green Idea of ​​specific technical solutions to any difficult situations, structures, equipment on Earth and in the Air! As well as develop and realize their life. And also provide technical arts Idea for you!