CrewGang SAFETY support your professionalism by ensuring your on-site and workplace safety requirements are met and exceeded.

CrewGang provides the best solution to ensure that you consistently comply with current legislation and industry best practice.

As event organisers retain a duty of care to people working or visiting an event, Safety must be of paramount importance. Any accident, even those resulting from a lack of experience, could result in litigation.

Nobody likes to hear bad news after the event and as an event professional you appreciate the subtlety of ensuring all details of your event are considered and covered before you open up your doors to your Clients, Sponsors and the Media.

From small events to major concerts, CrewGang will remove your stress by ensuring your on-site and workplace safety requirements have been met. We take care about your event SAFETY. This includes all staff and contractors, from stage construction to rigging, lighting, sound, staging,fencing, to performers, security and volunteers.

CrewGang is committed to continual improvement for our event clients, who can ensure through our Event Safety Evaluations & Audits that they remain at the forefront in providing safe, compliant events that operate at optimal cost.

We can help review or verify existing & potential hazards, which in turn can determine what strategies are needed to be implemented and identify the revision needed for your existing policies. Our objective is to assist you in preventing or minimising any potential loss associated with incidents and accidents at your event.

” Smart people learn from their mistakes, CrewGang clients address them before they happen. “

The main role of our safety technical representative is to ensure the safety of your event. We are there to support you, identify potential issues and fix them on the spot, where reasonably practicable.

The role of our safety technical representative is to assist your team by providing advice on the overall state of health and safety at the site/event.

This includes monitoring of contractors and sub contractors of their work methods and ensuring everyone is complying with H&S legislation, following their own Job Safety Analysis or Safe Work method Statements, as well as the rules and regulations set for the site.

Onsite safety technical representative will document a comprehensive based report for your records. This can be used in assisting with improvements for the next event as well as evaluation of contractors and whether they are they are performing at a safe level.

Our safety technical representative work with the key stakeholders involved in the event, advise on the mechanics of crowd management, operate as fire-wardens, advise on traffic management issues,consult with emergency services, liaise with police & security providers and are on hand to assist and if required take charge with any emergency that arises.

In addition, our safety technical representative will compile a comprehensive post event report that you can use as a valuable debrief tool, as well as a report that can be used in any investigation company.

Safeguarding quality for your event!